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One of our favorite librarians has just released another string of reviews. I’m particularly thrilled about this because I’ve been waiting for someone to tell me that Into the Wild is worth picking up (I’ve got too many ARCs at home to add anything not already certified as readable to my pile). My excitement knows no bounds! If you’re a parent, teacher, librarian, or kids’ bookseller, then Cindy’s got you covered.

Which brings me to some other people I’d like to introduce you to. As you probably noticed, we take this blogging thing pretty seriously, and that’s partly because we’re so inspired by our fellow book bloggers. Without further ado, here are some of my favorites:

  • The Lit Blog Co-op: I can’t imagine a nobler mission than theirs. Not to mention that if you’re a poster on the Lit Blog Co-op, then you’ve made the big time.
  • Powell’s Book Blog: Their Book News is a must-have for any bookseller. Not to mention they are an amazing independent success story.
  • Salon | Books: I don’t always agree with their reviews, but I almost always find out something important that I can use to impress people who don’t know I steal my information from Salon. I suppose this isn’t technically a blog, but it’s got a feed, so that’s close enough for me.
  • Wordsmith’s Books: Coming to you from Decatur, GA. I aspire to the level of wit that they seemingly effortlessly achieve on their blog.

2 Responses to Blog on Blogs

  1. Cliff Burns says:

    It’s wonderful to see the community of bibliophiles and book lovers that are proliferating on the internet. I’ve gotten some great tips on books by looking through the litblogs out there and appreciate the insights and critical thinking that I sometimes (not always) see. It’s important to separate the wheat from the chaff and to seek people who speak IN DEPTH and detail about literary works rather than merely “I liked this book, it was good”.

    Thanks for the post…

  2. I like these blogs, but the Lit Blog Co-op doesn’t update enough so I forget to check back for new content.

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