Playing Catch-Up

We’ve been in Event Overdrive the last few weeks here at TKE, and I’m still trying to catch my breath after last week’s marathon of 10 events in 5 days. But now that the holidays are rolling around, things should quiet down a bit. No, I take it back — things will still be crazy, but a different kind of crazy: the work-the-registers-until-you-drop, wrap-a-million-billion-books, and talk-about-every-book-you’ve-ever-read kind of crazy. In other words, Holiday Crazy. That deserves a post of it’s own.

The point is (I have a point?), trying to maintain a blog really makes you aware of how hard it is to post in real-time. For example, we’ve had pictures from Helen Houghton‘s wonderful poetry reading up for two and a half weeks now. Have I mentioned it? Nope. We’ve had amazing events with Pat Bagley, John Fulton, Paisley Rekdal, and J.L. Powers. Have I written those up? Absolutely not. Will I? Well, not today and not tomorrow, but hopefully soon!

I think that New Year’s is supposed to be the time when you make resolutions. But you are all witness — I hereby declare my Thanksgiving Resolution: to update this blog in something more closely resembling real-time.

Happy Holidays from The King’s English!

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