It’s been pretty quiet here, but if you’ve been into the store you know it’s anything but! Not only are we counting down to New Year’s Day and the big 25% Off Sale (if you’re on our mailing list, you already got your invitation; if not, come to the store on New Year’s!) but we’re also counting down our books.

That’s right, it’s every bookseller’s nightmare: Inventory. If there were any way to spell that word in four letters, I would call it a four letter word. I guess I’ll have to be content with ‘nightmare’. Every book in the store must be counted, alphabetized, and positioned correctly. Phew! As you can imagine, it’s quite the process.

We apologize right now to all the customers who have tripped over us, mumbling insanely over greenbar printouts surrounded by stacks of books that must have a home somewhere, and completely blocking the section that you’re trying to browse. Your patience is much appreciated, and just think! After this is over, our computers will be right (well, at least right more often) when they say we have something.

And, of course, we’re counting down to the jumpstart of our 2008 events season — if you haven’t already checked out the lineup, please do!

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