Congratulations, Betsy!

For those of you who don’t get our InkLinks newsletter, let me be the first to share the good news: Betsy Burton, our inimitable owner and the reason we all have jobs, has been declared one of Utah’s top cultural power brokers by the Salt Lake Tribune!

The Trib declares: “Our methodology was hardly scientific: The list is the product of shoutdowns in conference rooms by an overly opinionated staff. . . . Consider this list a conversation starter about what really matters in Utah’s art and entertainment universe and who’s making it happen.”

Betsy was selected for the following reasons: “With 30 years of experience, the owner of The King’s English Bookshop has become nationally respected and arguably the state’s leading literary tastemaker. In 2007, her influence even helped get a customer published.”

One of these days I hope to convince Betsy to write an acceptance speech (er, post); but until then, we’ll just say that we’re all very proud of Betsy, and would also like to point out that we knew how great she was first.

Congratulations are due as well to the other 24 of Utah’s finest! Click here for the article, and here for a neat PDF of everyone with pictures.

One Response to Congratulations, Betsy!

  1. a paperback writer says:

    Yeehaw! This is great news.
    Congrats from a big TKE fan.

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