Author Update | Jessica Day George

Last Friday, January 11th, we welcomed Jessica Day George and her new novel, Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow.

Jessica has been a favorite of ours since the publication of her first book, Dragon Slippers, a quirky look at the special relationship between dragons and heroines. We’re glad that she came to BYU from Idaho and decided to stay here in Salt Lake and be one of our local authors, not least because this means that in May, when the sequel to Dragon Slippers arrives, she’ll come and launch that here as well!

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow is a beautiful retelling of a Norwegian folk tale, bringing together fairy tale creatures from many traditions, a strong sense of family, and an epic quest with humor, heroics, and a lot of heart. I fell in love with Lass, the main character, and followed with bated breath her journey from being the unregarded nameless youngest daughter of a poor family to the brave young woman who, in the name of friendship and love, dedicates herself to stopping a terrifying evil troll princess.

Jessica told us in detail about her long fascination with Norway and with the folk tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon. She’s an excellent reader, and the passage she read is one of my personal favorites, detailing the Lass’s struggle to get to the troll princess’s palace and her experiences riding the different Winds.

Signed copies of both Dragon Slippers and Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow are in abundance here. Dragon Slippers is a great read for anyone who likes Patricia Wrede, Tamora Pierce, and Robin McKinley, and Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow will appeal to readers of Shannon Hale.

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