Gearing Up for ABA

It’s that time of year again — time for the American Bookseller Association’s Winter Institute! This year, three of us will be going to learn, schmooze, and meet authors.  Booksellers from across the nation attend, and this is one of the ways that we independents stay connected and informed.

I’m particularly excited, ever since receiving advance copies of Loose Girl, by Kerry Cohen, and The God of War, by Marisa Silver. Loose Girl is the first memoir I’ve read in a long time, and is a fascinating and edgy read, and  The God of War is a starkly written, incredibly moving novel about family. I can’t wait to pick the authors’ brains about the writing process, their inspirations, their experiences, and what they’re working on next — it’s the number two reason I’m a bookseller, in fact. Number one is, of course, my complete inability to keep my hands off of books for any length of time.

Neither book comes out until May, but I’ll tell you what I’ll do. When I get back from Kentucky, the first post I write will be to tell you all about the authors, and give you a full review of each. That way, you too can have the scoop!

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