Author Update | Ken Jennings

Last night, a merry band of folks who braved the cold, the potential snow, and the social stigma of not watching the premiere of Lost gathered together for an excellent trivia night with Ken Jennings of Jeopardy! fame in honor of his new book, Ken Jennings’s Trivia Almanac.

Ken was a hilarious speaker, telling us all about his rise as a trivia folk hero, his time on Jeopardy!, his post-publication thoughts about his new book’s title, and his life now as a freelance writer. The money quote from the evening? When asked if he preferred Alec with or without the mustache, he said: “I have to say, I like the mustache. Anything that makes game show hosts look more like porn stars is a good thing for America!”

Aren’t you sad you missed it?

Then, Ken launched the Trivia! We started out with a general round for everyone, with attendees shouting out the answers as soon as they could. The three who (by our very unscientific attempt at keeping track) answered the most right were then welcomed on stage. Congratulations to Ryan, who walked away with a free signed copy of the Trivia Almanac, and to Kevin and Jennifer, who put up a good fight!

It was so much fun that, I think, we’ll do more of these at the store (once the weather is nicer). Especially since we have a store copy of the new book — if we wanted, we could have trivia night every night for a year and never run out of questions!

Ken Jennings at The King’s English

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