No Job Too Big (or Small)

Being the Marketing Manager at an independent business means that my job varies hugely from day to day. For example, yesterday I was busy sending out press releases to local Food Editors for our signing next Friday night with Marguerite Henderson.

Today, it meant craft-time with lots of construction paper, markers, glitter pens and tape, decorating a box for our drawing next Tuesday night with Shannon and Dean Hale! If you’ve somehow managed not to find out about this, here’s the skinny:

At 7 p.m. on Tuesday, February 12th, Shannon and Dean Hale will be here at the store for a special Valentine’s reading and signing for First Kiss (Then Tell). It’s a great collection of first kiss stories, all true, from close to 30 authors. Shannon and Dean both tell their respective (and highly entertaining) versions of their first kiss.

We decided that this is an opportunity too good to pass up, and are going to do a drawing for a signed copy of First Kiss. Entrants can submit their own story for the drawing either by email, in a comment to this post, or in the store. (Though keep in mind, you have to be present to win.) I’m hoping to publish some of the best first kiss confessions right here on the blog on Valentine’s Day — my own included (I’m not saying it’ll be one of the best, just that I feel obliged to include it — they tell me that transparency in business is a good thing). Can’t you just wait?

Back to me half an hour ago, covered in bits of pink and red construction paper. That box deserves to be full of first kiss stories — it’s a masterpiece of Valentine’s paraphernalia! Like I said, no job too big or small.

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