A Good Day

Today is a Good Day for so many reasons. The sun is finally out here in blizzardy Salt Lake, and it’s 42 degrees instead of the biting 20 we’ve been stuck at for weeks. Theoretically we’ve got another six weeks of winter, but the little birds outside my office window don’t seem to think much of Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction.

This also mean that for the first time since probably Dorothy Allred Solomon, we’ll have nice weather for an event! That’s right folks, there is no good reason not to come out for Shannon and Dean Hale’s fabulous Valentine’s reading tonight.

Then there’s the fact that they’ve announced release dates for Stephenie Meyer’s two new books, The Host (a sci-fi novel that you’re all going to love — I know, I’ve read it!) and Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight series: Tuesday May 6th and Saturday August 2nd, respectively. Top Secret Plans are in motion for Breaking Dawn, which those of you on our email list will find out about early next week — keep an eye on your inboxes! You can pre-order either of these (and there are SO MANY reasons why you should, I’m not going to even try and list them) right now by emailing us. Go ahead, click that link, you know you want to!

And the final reason that today is a Good Day is that it’s one day closer to all of the other fabulous events we’ve got planned. Have I mentioned I love my job? Oh, I have? Well, I guess it must be true.

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