Author Update | Shannon & Dean Hale

Last night was quite possibly the funniest author events I’ve ever had the pleasure to organize and attend. Shannon and Dean Hale, in the store for First Kiss (Then Tell), had the crowd practically in tears. They deserve their own show. Maybe even a reality show! I would watch it, and I don’t even have TV. Rather than attempting to describe it, here are a few highlights from the evening:

Money Quote: [Shannon describing the strange coincidence that the illustrator of their graphic novel rapunzel’s revenge, due out this fall, is also named Hale] “When I go on tour and people ask me about it, I tell them that Dean and Nathan are my two husbands. [audience laughs] And people believe me!”

Thing I Didn’t Know About Shannon: Before she was able to write full-time, she was an Instructional Designer [I’m not even sure what that is] and held computer trainings for corporations.

Thing I Didn’t Know About Dean: He writes absurdist horror stories on his blog,

Best Anecdote of the Night: At their wedding, Shannon and Dean performed an improv skit in the form of a Telenovela (Spanish soap-opera, for those of us who don’t know), entirely in Spanish!

Here are some pictures. Dean’s shirt is covered with “bloody” handprints because it’s his Intramural Zombie Hunting League shirt, which he wore to counteract the extreme girliness of being published (for the first time no less!) in a first kiss anthology.

Congratulations to Kennedy (in the very last picture), who won our drawing for a free copy of First Kiss (Then Tell)! Tomorrow we’ll be posting our favorite First Kiss stories. Come by and submit your own in the comments!

One Response to Author Update | Shannon & Dean Hale

  1. sara z. says:

    Fun! Why are their BLOOD STAINS all over Dean’s shirt??

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