Author Update | Marguerite Henderson

Last Friday the 15th, we were graced not only with Marguerite Henderson’s presence, but with her food as well! Marguerite came to the store to celebrate the release of her newest book, Small Parties:

Close friends, a bottle of fine wine, and a palate-pleasing menu comprise the ultimate ambience for a perfect evening of entertainment. Small Parties presents a guideline for all types of entertaining, from simple buffet fare to elegant dinners with several courses, offering tips and hints on advance preparations hours or even a day ahead. The menus found in have a hint of elegant simplicity for a year of celebrations and can be made by both the ambitious home chef or the novice cook with limited kitchen space. Whether a romantic party for two or a holiday gathering for twelve, Small Parties offers menus for all types of smaller group gatherings as well as helpful tips on food presentation, garnishes, decor and much more.

She made two recipes from the book: Puff Pastry-Wrapped Spanish Olives and White Chocolate Coconut-Dusted Strawberries. Wow, is about the sum of it. I definitely ate more than my fair share. If you haven’t met Marguerite yet, you’re really missing out. She’s smart, savvy, oh-so-approachable, and ready with advice on everything from which zester to buy, to what you should and should not cook in your convection oven (cookies, yes; lasagna, no). It was a really fun night — good food, good conversation, and lots of laughs.

Sad you missed it? You should be! But don’t worry, we’ve got signed copies of all her books on hand, and she teaches cooking classes as well.

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