We Love Kids Authors (+ Shameless Self-Promotion)

I don’t know about you, but I love non-adult books — picture books, middle reader, young adult, you name it, I love it. Which is why I am so freakin’ excited about the next few weeks, since we have three great children’s authors coming:

  • Monday, February 25th, 7 pm: N.D. Wilson (previously mentioned) and Paul Fleischman will both be signing in the Children’s Room. These are two powerhouse authors; N.D. Wilson is breaking into the genre in a big way, with two excellent middle reader novels. Paul Fleischman has done too much to talk about — suffice to say he’s a Newbery Award winner and one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to over the phone (I’m sure he will be in person, as well). We’ve got some great giveaways from N.D. Wilson’s publisher too! What, you ask? You’ll just have to come and find out!
  • Tuesday, March 18th, 7 pm: We’ve just booked James Dashner, who is just as excited as we are. Margaret, who some of you know, read The Journal of Curious Letters (Book 1 in the 13th Reality Series) and really enjoyed it; I’ve got it now, and will post a review as soon as it’s read. I’ve been assured that we’ll have free posters to hand out as well — yay free stuff!

And now for the shameless self-promotion. It’s the City Weekly Best of 2008 voting time again, and we’re hoping that you’ll cast a vote for us in the Best Blogger category. Not that we’re necessarily THE BEST, but you know, I think we could use publicity more than some others… And while you’re over there voting, you might consider some of our other favorites:

  • Best Blogger: Jenn Northington (kingsenglish.com/blog)
  • Best Columnist: Ann Cannon
  • Best Middle Eastern: Mazza
  • Best French: Paris Bistro
  • Best Italian: Fresco
  • Best Fries: Mazza again (if you’ve been, you know!)
  • Best Non-Profit: Buy Local First

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