Author Update | Chris Bohjalian

On Thursday, February 21st, Chris Bohjalian rocked the house for the paperback release of The Double Bind. I say it jokingly, but really it’s not that far off the mark. He’s funny, smart, and an amazing writer and speaker; it was such an entertaining talk that I forgot to take pictures until it was time to sign!

Money Quote: [reminiscing about a multiple author event at which a self-published author approached him] “He leans over, looks at the copies of Midwives that I’m signing, and asks me, ‘Where did you get those Oprah Book Club stickers printed up?'”

Thing I Didn’t Know About Him: He was Lobster Boy in his youth, for those of you who’ve read Before You Know Kindness. Also, his last name is pronounced boh-JAH-lian, so you can stop wondering.

Thing You Should Be Really Excited About: In May, Bohjalian’s next novel will be published! It’s called Skeletons at the Feast, and was inspired by the actual diary of a German refugee from World War II:

In January 1945, in the waning months of World War II, a small group of people begin the longest journey of their lives: an attempt to cross the remnants of the Third Reich, from Warsaw to the Rhine, if necessary, to reach the British and American lines.

As they work their way west, they encounter a country ravaged by war. Their flight will test their love and their friendship–assuming any of them even survive.

Courtesy of the amazing Bohjalian, we’ve got signed bookplates specifically for Skeletons, since he won’t be touring for it. And, if you haven’t already, you should pick up The Double Bind in the meantime. It’s the twisting, turning story of Laurel, a social worker in her mid twenties and her quest to uncover the history of a mysterious man, once photographer to the stars, who died homeless. Laurel’s journey takes her to the descendants of characters from The Great Gatsby, and to a brutal assault seven years in her past from which she still has not completely recovered. Reading this book is a journey in itself — just when you think you know where things are heading, a curve turns you around and you’re somewhere completely different. I remember staying up ar later than I should have to finish this gripping book — and it was well worth it.

One Response to Author Update | Chris Bohjalian

  1. Willow Arune says:

    I first read Chis Bohjalian’s “Trans Sister Radio” and was delighted with his writing style. Since then, I have managed to collect first editions of all of his books, including those which he now disowns, and enjoyed each of them.
    His books are fascinating. I love the way in which he places ordinary people in extraordinary events. “Before You Know Kindness” is special and is my favourite thus far.

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