Author Update | Paul Fleischman & N.D. Wilson

Last Monday, February 25th, I got to travel around to two schools with N.D. Wilson, and then return to the store for a signing with him AND Paul Fleischman!

School visits are always a pleasure — there’s nothing like seeing kids listen, spell-bound, to an author talk about his books and then bombard him with questions on everything from “Why did you name your character Henrietta?” to “What’s your favorite greek myth?”, and this round of visits was no exception. Hands went up before he was even five minutes into his presentation!

Thing I Didn’t Know About N.D. Wilson: His first name is Nate, he just always liked the idea of his byline saying “N.D. Wilson”. Also, he once had his nose broken by a Dutchman named Dirk DeWinkle.

Thing I Didn’t Know About His Books: The next two in the series will be titled Dandelion Fire and The Chestnut King, and will be released December 2008 and 2009, respectively. Also, the barn in 100 Cupboards is, in fact, his childhood friend’s barn.

My Favorite Story from His Presentation: The start of Leepike Ridge is actually something straight out of his childhood. He and his friend did find a giant foam block, and used it as a raft down a nearby stream. Which then got faster and faster, and before they knew it they were headed for a small hole under a barbed wire fence. And inside the barbed wire fence? A large, angry bull, and large signs saying “Beware of Bull.” It may not be an underground labyrinth, but as far as real life goes, that’s quite an adventure!

So, after all that fun, it was time for our double author signing! Sadly, I didn’t get much of a chance to talk with Paul Fleischman, as he and Nate were mobbed by adoring fans. Seriously mobbed — you can see the pictures here! The few moments I did get to speak with Paul, however, were great, and I’m hoping that we’ll have the opportunity to have him again soon!

Signed copies of their books are still floating around the store, in much diminished numbers; come and get them while you can!

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