Dangerous Books

… or are they? Thanks to my habit of randomly following links from blogpost to ‘post, I stumbled across this. I love this idea for so many reasons!

For those of you who aren’t random clickers, let me sum up:

Estella’s Revenge, which is an e-zine dedicated to books that I also just discovered today, has declared 2008 their Year of Reading Dangerously. They invite readers to either choose books that, for one reason or another, intimidate them or to read along with their official list. I didn’t see any of the books that first come to my mind (Ulysses, War and Peace, Swann’s Way, and anything at all by Samuel Butler are the first on my personal horror list), but I did like quite a few of their picks.

In fact, I am so inspired by this that I hereby solemnly swear, this weekend, to go pick up one of the aforementioned and begin my own 10 Months of Reading Dangerously. Look for one post a month, starting this month, on books that scare the bejesus out of me but, for the sake of societal experimentation and personal growth, I will read.

What would your list look like? Anyone want to join me? If we have some takers, I’ll be happy to post your own experiences (subject to approval, of course, this is an official business blog after all)!

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2 Responses to Dangerous Books

  1. I’ve started the Brothers Karamazov at least 10 times. I CAN’T get through that thing.
    And I made it through Ullyses (because I had to for a class), but the fact that Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is worse…… ugh.

    Feel free to drop over to my blog and comment on what classics you think should be made into pop up books. (I found Moby Dick: A Pop Up Book in the local library. It’s the only palatable version of Moby Dick I’ve ever seen.)

  2. Andi says:

    Thanks for taking up the challenge! We sort of decided to steer clear of some of those horrendously scary books (Ulysses) for the sake of time. Really one should devote more than a month and a few discussion questions to a book like Ulysses, so we took some we thought were still “dangerous” or out of the everyday reader’s norm that can be digested pretty well in a month.

    I’m looking forward to your reviews! Don’t forget to post the links at the Dangerously blog so others can enjoy them. Even if they’re not about the “chosen” book of the month that’s OK by us.

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