Author Update | James Dashner

On Tuesday night, the very excellent James Dashner came to read from his new book, The 13th Reality: The Journal of Curious Letters. As I may have mentioned before, this book is great — quirky (sometimes maniacally evil) characters, quantum physics, alternate dimensions, fantasy and adventure. What more could you want! While the Dashner Dude has been on tour all over the U.S., I am proud to say that we were his very first author reading!

As Sara Zarr will confirm, the audience was very enthusiastic. They enjoyed his reading thoroughly and then proceeded to, among other things, inform our author of what else he should write about and how he should handle his royalties.

Thing I Didn’t Know About Him: He is actually a CPA (!). However, he is working on giving up his day job to write full time; a goal that we definitely support.

Thing That Totally Amazed Me: He knew every audience member’s name by the end of the night. Every single one!

His Favorite Character to Write in The 13th Reality: Edgar, Tick’s dad. I was pretty happy with this answer, as Edgar is one of my favorite characters also. But some of the audience members voted otherwise — “the banana lady” (a.k.a. Mistress Jane) and Rutger were close seconds.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here are some pictures, and you can read James’s account of it over on his blog as well. We are indeed “pretty much buds,” and I’ve already booked James for an appearance next March, when the next book comes out. Till then, stop by the store — we have signed copies and bookmarks!

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One Response to Author Update | James Dashner

  1. sara z. says:

    That photo of the front row really nails it. I want fans like that!

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