Guest Blogger | Introducing What’s In Mina’s Book Bag?

Hi all! My name is Elif and my daughter, Mina, is in LOVE with the King’s English. In fact, it is one of the first things she talks and signs about when she wakes up in the morning. She says “Anne” (who, as many of you know, is the General Manager and Kid’s Room Manager), signs “book”, and says “vvvuvuvff” (her word for stroller). Then she proceeds to walk to the door, signs “walk” and bangs on the door to go out.

Her love affair with books began around her first birthday; she is now 17 months old and her love of books, a few in particular, has only deepened. We head to the bookstore about four times a week and visit our favorite books there, just as there are certain books we take in the car, different ones for restaurants, etc. There are books all over the place in our house; I have had to make Book Stations in each room! Each room has a basket for books and there are two bags of books by the door for going out. Hence the name of our series, “What’s In Mina’s Book Bag?”

I will also be writing a series of posts that are more geared toward parenting books–what I found useful and what was a waste of time. Hopefully, these will be somewhat entertaining tidbits from my adventures with Mina!

For now, I will leave you with this funny little story. At the moment, one of Mina’s favorite books is Harriet Dancing.

Gentle yet joyous, this springtime tale of self-acceptance is sure to set children spinning, as it tells the story of a hedgehog who loves to dance.

She loves it so much that she dreams about it. For the past 2 nights, she has woken up , signing “dancing” and “hedgehog,” and saying “dans dans dans!” Last night, she even included the part when Harriet falls down the hill–or, as Mina eloquently puts it, “DUMMMM dum dum!”   Well, the little bookworm is just waking up, so I must be off…  ~Elif

For more pictures of Mina, click on her above!

4 Responses to Guest Blogger | Introducing What’s In Mina’s Book Bag?

  1. Mina's Nana says:

    The love of books and reading is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children and grandchildren. I am thrilled and so proud that reading books occupies an important part of little Mina’s life–and hope that it always will.

  2. Cemal Ekin says:

    Her grandfather is very proud of Mina and her mother Elif. Keep reading kiddo.



  3. elaine says:

    Oh, how I love to see all the remarkable things that Mina does. She has armarkable Mom as well….

  4. bizzi says:

    great concept! keep me posted on the contents of mina’s book bag

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