Author Update | Martha Lear

What a relief to hear Martha Lear talk about “normal” memory loss! This past Monday, May 31st, an entire room full of baby boomers and the people who love them laughed along with her as she told anecdotes from her own life and shared research from medical specialists in an effort to reassure all of us that we are OK and we are probably going to be OK. In her funny and informative new book, Where Did I Leave My Glasses, The What, When, and Why of Normal Memory Loss, Lear takes us through different scenarios; from forgetting where you put your car keys to the name of the movie star in that movie, you know, the one that had that guy with the brown hair. You know, the one where the lead actress used to be married to that other guy? Yeah, that one. The lesson? Put your keys in the same place every day, make lists, and relax! ~ Anne

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  1. annewhitaker says:


    having discovered “Where did I leave my glasses?” in a bookshop in Totnes in Devon, UK in January 2009, I bought it for both my husband and myself – both past the first flush of youth, and already getting twitchy re incipient altzheimers ( the fear of all baby-boomers). We found the book very funny, very informative and very comforting – so much so that I reviewed it for my website “Writing from the Twelfth House” in May 2009. Please if you can, pass on my thanks to Martha Weinman Lear for writing such a great book. Anne W

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