Time Lag

Has it really been six days since we last posted? SIX DAYS?! That’s an eternity in internet time! Is there a calculator out there somewhere, to tell me how long in fact that is? In this world of Twitter, I shudder to think. It’s been so long, in fact, that I don’t even recognize the WordPress back-end system. What are these buttons? What do they do? Where did the old system go?! Maybe if I ignore them, they will go away…

Why has it been six days, you ask? Well, because even though (as people keep reminding me when I rave about the new coconut lime soy candles we just got in) we are in a recession, things are busy busy busy!

When last we spoke, I was getting ready for the fantastic and lovely Cecilia Galante to come and read from her amazing book, The Patron Saint of Butterflies, on Saturday (April 5th). And what a reading it was. We laughed, we cried (really), and we had an amazing time. Her book is remarkably timely right now, what with the many women and children who are transitioning from their lives at the YFZ Ranch in Texas. If you’re looking into insight on the situation, and on cults in general, here is my recommended reading list: Escape by Carolyn Jessop, Predators, Prey and Other Kinfolk by Dorothy Allred Solomon, and Patron Saint of Butterflies by Cecilia Galante. We’ve got all of these in stock, some signed!

And then, after that, we’ve had lots of fun off-site events. Two nights ago, I sold books at the University of Utah’s Tanner Lecture on Human Values for Howard Gardner, whose books are a fascinating look at workplace morality.

Yesterday morning, I spoke with the lovely ladies of the H2U Book Club about Austenland and the works of my beloved Jane Austen. The Masterpiece remakes have sparked a revival of sorts, and our Austen titles are selling like hotcakes — witty, socially derisive hotcakes. Does that make anyone else hungry? Anyway! If you are a fan of Jane, and you haven’t yet read Austenland, what’s stopping you? You will laugh, you will sigh, you will giggle (if you’re the giggling type). I took an impromptu poll at the H2U Book Club on everyone’s favorite Austen, and was pleasantly suprised to find that Sense & Sensibility beat out Pride & Prejudice. Pleasantly surprised, because that’s my secret favorite too; as much as I love Lizzie Bennett, I cannot help but adore Elinor Dashwood.

Which then took us into a discussion of Austen people vs. Bronte people, but that’s another post!

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