What’s In Mina’s Book Bag?

I think just about anyone who knows Mina, knows that HOW HOW is a dog. ‘How How’ is what dogs in Turkey say instead of ‘woof woof’. It all started with one book (which at one time used to be in ONE piece!) about a dog on a farm. My mother-in-law brought it over from Turkey for Mina’s first birthday this fall. It was love at first sight! Each page pulled out to reveal what mischief the dog had gotten into. Since Mina really really uses her books, this one didn’t last very long. Pretty soon, the pages were falling apart, but that didn’t matter. We would tell the story from the pieces. Sometimes, she would pick a special page to take with her around the house that day.

She just loves to look at “how hows”. I think we have looked at every book at TKE that has dogs in it. We have a special one that we have to visit each time we go: Dog by Matthew Van Fleet. When we go, she has to take each copy of the book off the shelf and look at each one individually. She especially likes the page where the dogs pees on the tree, and is scared of the page with the sticky tongue. Mina likes very tactile books, but REALLY doesn’t like sticky tongues — she becomes a bit of a drama queen when she gets to that part of the book!

Matthew Van Fleet has a few different books in print, but Dog always tops the list. She was not interested whatsoever in Tails, and got bored with Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings pretty fast. Her interest perked up again with his new Alphabet book — I think it will be a new favorite in the weeks to come.

Autumn by Gerda Muller was her second favorite book. This book is fantastic because it has no words, so you can make up your own story. It lends itself very well to multicultural families, because each family member can explain it in their own language. The illustrations capture your eye and pull you into the story. We have since bought Winter and that was just as big hit as the first one. Mina will sit there and tell you what the girls are doing, or that the boy fell down while ice skating. She loves to sit and soak up everything that is happening, and will get excited when she finds something new! Even though it is a board book, I can envision it having a looooong shelf life in our house. I can just see Mina making up these elaborate stories about the boys climbing the trees, or what sort of jam the mom is making!

As I mentioned in my first post, Mina goes everywhere with her bookbag! We usually have it filled with a few board books and it amazes me that they are so worn in such a short time!! Let’s see… what is in her bookbag this week: Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Gorilla, The Hat, Curious George’s 1 to 10 and Back Again, The Little Mermaid board book, Gossie, Kiss Kiss!, thrown in a knitted baby doll and we are good to go out to eat!

Mina is now transitioning into “big girl” books and they do not fit in her little bag, so we headed out to JoAnn’s to pick up a new canvas bag to decorate. She picked out some iron on patches and decorations and that will be our weekend project. I think the next book to get will be an Alphabet book. Mina has started to pick out letters and wants me to spell words as we go. So far, her favorite letter is “O!”

Well, it is almost 8am and it is time to go and read Skippyjon Jones… She gets up, says “Mama… [says and signs] bounce bounce meow READ!” ~ Elif

4 Responses to What’s In Mina’s Book Bag?

  1. bizzi says:

    Thanks for the synopsis (how do I properly pluralize this/!) of some fun early readers. Hope you are starting a book with Mina as author. Suspect she tells a good tale!

  2. Tell Mina I said hello! Glad she likes the book (the peeing dog is everyone’s favorite). There’s a sequel to Dog coming out this spring: Cat (nobody saw that one coming). What’s a cat say in Turkey?

  3. Anne says:

    Hi Matthew; we bought lots of copies of Cat for the bookstore. It’s Cat tastic!

  4. elif says:

    Mina still loves the book! When we visited my mom this summer and we took her dog, pasha, for a walk, Mina told “nana” : Nana, Pasha pees just like in the book! LOOK!

    Its’ “How-How” in turkish for a dog, “Miyauv”

    I guess they are trying to say their version of “meow!”

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