Audrey, Wait! Has Arrived

I’ve been excited about Audrey, Wait! since last October. Last October! That is how early we get ARCs sometimes, folks — 7 months ahead of publication. Actually, sometimes we get them even earlier that. The moral of the story? It is great to be a bookseller, since you get to read things before they come out, but it is hard to be a bookseller, because you are then tortured with not being able to talk about the books that you just read, no matter how great they are, without customers wanting to throw things at you in frustration. Ahem.

In Audrey, Wait Robin Benway turns every girl’s dream (to have a song written about them) on its head in a laugh-out-loud, bright, sharp novel. Audrey is the voice of a generation. She is alternatingly air-headed and bitingly intelligent, angsty and insightful, but always genuine — a refreshing change from the chic clique girls that overrun much of the YA genre.

And, as if it weren’t enough to publish an amazing and fun book, Robin Benway’s publisher is sponsoring a contest! Since the novel revolves around the song that Audrey’s boyfriend writes after their break, they have put together a competition for the best music video of the song. All you have to do is download the lyrics, set them to a tune, and make a music video out of it. Ok, that’s actually a lot. I think I will content myself with voting. But for those of you that have time, you stand to win either the Grand Prize ($1,000 American Express gift card) or the People’s Choice Award ($250 Best Buy gift card).

If my recommendation isn’t enough for you (oh ye of little faith!), you can read the first chapter online. Also, there’s a soundtrack for the book (once I finish downloading iTunes, I may even be able to listen to it)! Conclusion? I love books, and I really love books that love music.

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