Larger in Life

Folks, I just met my VERY FIRST INTERNET CELEBRITY! WOOT, as they say! I am still coming down from the enormous high of seeing nearly 200 people, most of whom had never even HEARD of our bookstore before, much less set foot in it only to wait in an hour-and-a-half-long line and take a tour of the receiving department and our parking lot (pictures here).

Yes, and it was all due to Heather Armstrong, a.k.a. Dooce. She was nice enough to come and do a signing for her newly released Things I Learned About My Dad (in Therapy). And not only did Heather Armstrong come to the store, but HER ENTIRE FAMILY came too! Yes! Mom, Dad, Jon, her sister September, and a bevy of (I’m assuming) neices and friends. And not only did they come, but they mingled! Her mom went up and down the line, introducing herself to everyone and (again, I assume) checking for right-wing terrorists. Because you never know; bloggers are, in certain circles, public enemy numero uno. But I’m proud to say that TKE remained incident free, and I didn’t have to use the SLCPD dispatch numbers I wrote on my arm in case of rioting.

There is now a photo of Chuck, in purple Teletubby regalia, pinned above the screen where I write this. I am contemplating spending the weekend looking for the finest in purple frames, especially because on the back it contains a signature. Heather B. Armstrong, it says (yet another assumption, because this happened at the end of a very long day for her and her hand had to be only two more signatures away from falling off).

I love my job!

Oh, and in case you missed it, I inflicted some ritual TKE author event abuse on Heather and made her sign a bunch of copies of the book for the store. I recommend claiming yours soon, who knows how long they’ll last?

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