Finding the Lost June

Where did June go? I know, theoretically it is only the 16th, but if you’re looking at my calendar then that is a scary scary thing. Why? Well, it means that the first two weeks and 11 events are already past, and that the last two weeks and 10 events are pretty much RIGHT NOW. Here I thought May was going to be the crazy month … And then July starts, and, well, I’ll spare you my July angst.

This week is a headlining week for us; we had Karen Salmansohn in earlier today chatting about male escorts, Ladies Who Launch, New York vs. Utah fashion (black and formal vs. color and casual), and her 21 books. She is delightful and hilarious, and I can’t wait for the next book so that we can make a big deal out of her and do a full talk/signing. There are a couple signed copies of The Bounce Back Book (minus the one I bought for myself; perks of being a bookseller!) so come in and grab one for yourself or the stressed lady in your life.

And then, in T-1 Hour, Paul McGill will be here to sign his new autobiographical novel, Finding the Lost Weekend (I may have borrowed a bit for the title of this post; so sue me, it’s a great title!). I’m looking forward to getting the inside scoop on this one, expect lots of details from me tomorrow or Wednesday.

Of course, the BIG DEAL for the week is that Utah’s Poet Laureate (not to mention friend of the store and fabulous judge from our PoM Competition) Kate Coles will be reading from and signing her newest poetry collection, Fault, on Thursday night. If you have never heard a Poet Laureate read, then you owe it to yourself to come. It’s a life-changing experience, I assure you.

Saturday is a double-header with local author and artist Corinne Humphrey (who did a stellar interview for us) at Storytime with her new picture book The Tao of Rudy, and then another local, Annette Haws, with her debut novel Waiting for the Light to Change.

So come one, come all; it looks like we’ll even be able to use the patio this week! Of course, I’m not sure if I’d rather have 90 degree weather and use the patio or have rain showers and … wait, I take it back, I’d definitely rather have the patio.

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