The Joys of Twitter

I really didn’t think I’d ever become a convert. But last week I thought to myself, “Self, how can I make it EVEN EASIER for people to know what’s going on here at TKE? We have this blog, we have our Events Page, we send out reminders via email, we have our in-store TKE Presents brochure, we have The Inkslinger … But what about real time updates? Wait, it seems to me someone invented that already, now what was it called …”

Right, Twitter. So now we’re on Twitter, and I have that much more reason to be attached at the hip to my laptop. Or rather, at the fingers, because I have yet to master the art of typing with my hip and I can tell you for a fact that that is not on my To-Do list.

I’m still mastering the art of the ‘tweet’ (Technojargon! What would the world be without it?), since cramming updates into 140 characters or less is a daunting task at the moment, but I will persevere! Tweetmasters (I made that up, so it doesn’t get quote marks), feel free to leave tips.

2 Responses to The Joys of Twitter

  1. Nooo! If booksellers start using Twitter, then I’m going to have to use it, and I have quite enough social media in my life already.

    Hope it works well for TKE, but let’s not spread this around 🙂

  2. mariannemancusi says:

    Watch out – it’s addicting!!

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