In Case You Were in Doubt

If you had any doubts about how cool booksellers are, The NY Observer will set you straight. You may already know that one of our perks is getting advance copies of unpublished books, (a.k.a. ARCs or AREs) but did you know that we use them to get dates? No?! It’s true, we are devious this way. Unless, of course, we are too shy to flaunt our insider access. All according to this article, that is:

Advance galleys are even more thrilling, and possibly more effective: Sport one of those, and you signal to potential suitors not just a certain taste in literature but a specific—some might say desirable—station in life.

Few would admit to using their galleys to flirt—though one veteran publisher expressed delight that literature was still being used for this purpose—and perhaps more to the point, many of those who would be in a position to do so happen to be too introverted to ever engage with a stranger.

Ah yes, our “desirable station in life” — nothing is more attractive than someone who chooses to be poor because they LIKE THEIR LOW-PAYING JOBS (though I really shouldn’t mock since not only am I a bookseller, I married one too). Or maybe he’s referring to folks in publishing; wait, no, last time I heard they make (or don’t make) basically the same wages we booksellers do.

I think my favorite bits of this piece are all the little anecdotes; if you’ve got five minutes, give it a read.

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