Ann Cannon: We Liked Her First

Our very own Ann Cannon (a.ka. A.E. Cannon) is making waves with her new teen novel, The Loser’s Guide to Life and Love. What kind of waves? Well, if they continue at this pace, they will soon be tsunami-sized. She’s being interviewed by the illustrious (Shannon Hale and Powell’s!) as well as the media and has lots of fans on Goodreads. The book has been blurbed, at least in our store, by every single one of us who has read the book: The Inkslinger, our store newsletter, has a VERY LONG review (you will notice the proliferation of initials after it; I have a feeling that JM actually wrote the review in question, but I’m not 100% positive). AND, last but not least, we are having a PAR-TAY for her next week!

Loser’s Guide (or Sergio, as it is fondly known in our store) is a modern-day retelling of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, told in alternating viewpoints by each of the four love-struck protagonists: Ed (a.k.a. Sergio), Scout, Quark, and Ellie. It’s set in Salt Lake (which, as far as I know, makes it the second YA novel in history to be set in Utah; shout-out to Sara for being the first!), and is so fresh and funny that, when I was re-reading it recently to prep for the event, I laughed out loud, all over again. Currently we are fighting over who gets to introduce her; the book is dedicated to Betsy, so that just might put her out of the running…

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