In Other News

  • We are on the cutting edge of social media! For a (nearly!) 31 year old store, I’d say that’s pretty good.
  • Dean Bakopoulos is crowned ‘Winner of the Conference’ at Westminster’s Writers@Work. I think his ‘miscreant’ shirt, purchased from yours truly, is not only accurate but a great complement to his, ahem, accoutrements. On his next visit to Salt Lake, we’ll have a sash made up for him. That’ll be a reading you won’t want to miss! Note: I have to add that I think that Kim Addonizio deserved an award as well — maybe a golden harmonica? — for her amazing spontaneous harmonica performance at her reading; an unforgettable moment, I assure you!
  • We are celebrating the pants off Indie Week this year: a 17.76% discount off pretty much everything in the store, plus a special 40% off section on our patio; Indie-tastic handouts celebrating the ABA’s new IndieBound initiative; Local First Utah directories, bumper stickers, et al; displays of our favorite local authors and books on the importance of independent businesses; even the store is decked out!

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