No Spoilers Here

Words can’t really do last Friday night justice. It was a huge party, hundreds of fans, tons of fun … superlatives all around! We’ve got loads of pictures; if you were there, check ’em out — you might be in one!

My very amateur slideshow will have to tide you over for now, since WordPress is very stubborn about these things (oh WordPress, when will you make my life easy and integrate Picasa?!), but you MUST go see this one that Geoff from the Deseret News put together, complete with audio. I don’t think anyone could have captured the night better than he did.

Congrats to our Design Bella’s Wedding Dress winners: first prize went to Becki Burgess, second to Morgan Carlson, and third to Jennifer Hansen. Great job, ladies!

It was a very long day — I was up for Channel 2 news at 5 a.m., then in the store all day prepping, then here at the PARTY till 12:30 a.m. How did I spend Saturday recovering? Why, reading the book, of course! I won’t give anything away, but talk about happily ever after! Stephenie is definitely a “happy ending” kind of writer. Having read all of them, I have to say that Breaking Dawn might just be my favorite.

[where: The King’s English Bookshop, 1511 S 1500 E, Salt Lake City UT, 84105]

One Response to No Spoilers Here

  1. Anne says:

    Best party ever!

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