Rapunzel Roundup | Kimberly Heuston and The Book of Jude

Kimberly Heuston will be signing at the Rapunzel Roundup, August 23rd, 1 p.m. at the Foothill Library, 1135 South 2100 East, Salt Lake City

When Jude’s mother wins a Fullbright scholarship to study in Prague during the Cold War, her whole family picks up and leaves New York for Czechoslovakia–talk about culture shock! Things are very different there: their apartment is bugged, they can’t talk to Czech nationals, they go to school at the embassy, etc. Jude’s always had trouble adjusting to change, but this is worse than anything she’s ever experienced before, especially when political unrest begins to make things harder for them. She tries her best, but one night it’s all too much for her and she loses it, makes a wild bid for escape, and lands herself in the hospital. She’s never understood why things are harder for her than for others, until a doctor at the hospital diagnoses her with a personality disorder. Can she pull herself together and get her life back, despite her illness?

Book of Jude is an intense ride from start to finish, written with deep insight and a lot of heart. Anyone who has ever had trouble adjusting or felt misunderstood (in essence, all of us!) will empathize with Jude, and thoroughly enjoy this great story.

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