Rapunzel Roundup | Jessica Day George and Dragon Flight

Jessica Day George will be signing at the Rapunzel Roundup, August 23rd, 1 p.m. at the Foothill Library, 1135 South 2100 East, Salt Lake City

Dragon Flight continues the adventures of the quick-witted peasant girl, Creel Carlbrun, who in Dragon Slippers talks her way out of a dragon’s clutches. With an unusual pair of slippers given her by the dragon, she begins a quest to seek her fortune, walking across a country that is teetering on the brink of war.

A year passes; the Dragon Wars have ended. As Dragon Flight opens Creel, now 17, is back to working as a seamstress–and she’s bored. But not for long. When she learns that a bordering country has been breeding dragons in preparation for an invasion, she embarks on another adventure. This one will test her mettle against new and evil enemies (some with wings) and reunite her with her dragon friend Shardas and her human friend Prince Luka.

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