SmackDown, Poetry Style

I have only recently discovered how much I love poetry, and this just confirms it for me:

  • “Today I am going to kill something,” says the unnamed protagonist of Carol Ann Duffy’s poem Education for Leisure. “Anything. / I have had enough of being ignored and today / I am going to play God.”

    Duffy, one of Britain’s most admired poets, might have been tempted this week to feel the same way, following the news that the exam board AQA had ordered schools to remove from its GCSE curriculum an anthology containing the poem because it supposedly glorified knife crime. [read more]

  • How does she respond to the news? Poetry SmackDown! Take that, censorship.

What with Banned Books Week coming up, this feels particularly relevant. So do tell, readers: what are your feelings on censorship? It almost seems silly to ask, since my generation especially has been raised on the formula Censorship = Bad. But you tell me, is the question moot? Or are there nuances of censorship that we should be paying attention to?

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