We Went Medieval

Xandra as Knight

Our Midnight Release Party for Brisingr was a blast — from the fun-beyond-my-wildest-expectations Knight for a Night Picture Station (everyone got in on that) to the frighteningly realistic battles put on by the Society for Creative Anachronism (Internet, I confess: I cringed every time I heard a particularly loud thwack while visions of personal injury lawsuits danced around my head), everything went better than I could have hoped. I attribute most of that to the stellar efforts of the lovely Lydia Black, or as partygoers know her, the Elven Queen Lyra; she definitely brought the medieval and the fantasy to the party.

Were you there? I’m polling favorite moments! Mine was probably the costume contest (sadly, my camera died long before I could document it) — seeing the fantastic regalia that fans of the series put together for the party was awesome. Leave yours in the comments!

One Response to We Went Medieval

  1. rob hooper says:

    It seems to have been a fun event!

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