Event Update | Red Wagon Read-a-thon

This past Saturday, October 11th, was our Red Wagon Read-a-thon. I gotta tell you, October is giving any other month in my memory a run for its money as the Best Month of Events Ever. Fantastic authors like Jon Scieszka and Nikki Giovanni (I’ve never been so thrilled to hold someone’s microphone) with even more to come, and now this. A reading marathon, you say? What’s that about? How long can anyone read for, really?

Well, I’ll tell you. We had, throughout the course of our eight hours camped out in the Children’s Room, about 10 readers, ranging from a first-grader to a mom and her fifth-grader reading together. We broke it up every hour with yoga and trivia games (which were enthusiastically declared “the best!” by contestants) and had pretzels, bananas (we are healthy! or at least, we tried) and candy corn on hand for snacking. And all told, our winner for Most Time Spent Reading read for a grand total of five hours. Fantastic!

We were reading for fun, but also for a good cause. Every read-a-thon participant raised at least (and often more than) $20 as their entry fee, and customers and participants alike brought in big donations of books, for local charity the Book Wagon, which provides books to children (ages 5 – 12) at nine low-income housing projects in Salt Lake County. All told, we raised $650 in monetary and book donations for them, and we continue to get calls about books. Talk about successful! It felt a little bit like Christmas come early, to tell you the truth.

One mom asked me when our next one would be. We definitely have to have another one, there’s no doubt about it. I’m envisioning next spring, when the weather is nice and the patio is open (snow kept us inside this weekend). Who knows, maybe we’ll try for a full day, open to close, instead of just eight hours!

One Response to Event Update | Red Wagon Read-a-thon

  1. Armen Shirvanian says:

    It is always seen as a positive image when young individuals are reading. It says to the viewer is that the future is improving at this current moment. it is also refreshing to see the young engaging in activity that is worthwhile.

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