Author Update | Pseudonymous Bosch

A figure much shrouded in mystery, Pseudonymous Bosch came to Salt Lake last week on Thursday, October 16, on tour for his new middle-reader adventure/mystery/magical extravaganza If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late:


Dangerous secrets lie between the pages of this book.

OK, I warned you. But if you think I’ll give anything away, or tell you that this is the sequel to my first literary endeavor, The Name of This Book is Secret, you’re wrong.

I’m not going to remind you of how we last left our heroes, Cass and Max-Ernest, as they awaited initiation into the mysterious Terces Society, or the ongoing fight against the evil Dr. L and Ms. Mauvais. I certainly won’t be telling you about how the kids stumble upon the Museum of Magic, where they finally meet the amazing Pietro.

Oh, blast I’ve done it again. Well, at least I didn’t tell you about the missing Sound Prism, the nefarious Lord Pharaoh, or the mysterious creature born in a bottle over 500 years ago, the key to the biggest secret of all.

I really can’t help myself, now can I? Let’s face it—if you’re reading this, it’s too late.

Our customers and the students of McGillis School were not only privileged enough to see him in person (sadly, we have had to edit all our pictures to keep his identity secret) but to hear the story behind the fabulously funny books! For example, we now all know who W.P. May is, and why The Name of This Book Is Secret is dedicated to … them (shh! It’s a secret!). We also discovered that Bosch can pull a rabbit out of a hat, spin a great story, and entertain every single kid, parent, and bookseller he met!

There is so much I can’t tell you, aside from that you must all pick up the books immediately. But! For you, dear readers, an exclusive reveal of P. Bosch’s true identity! Drumroll please …..

….. Jon Scieszka!

80 Responses to Author Update | Pseudonymous Bosch

  1. mumbles1183 says:

    uhhh r u serious is his real name jon? or are u just kidding? he came to our school and he WON’T tell us his name!!!!!

  2. Katrina says:

    I love P.Bosch’s books! He is my favorite author! I would like to know though if he is coming out with a third book. Also, I would like to know his name, if anyone does please put it on the message board!

  3. madhuri says:

    hey is p.b writing a new book…if he is im waiting a lot for it..u rock p.b!!

  4. unkown says:

    i just got the new book today! it is called this book is not good for you! am so excited

  5. TJ says:

    I want to know why this particular pseudonym? Is it a play on Heironymouos Bosch? If so, why?

  6. pseudonymous bosch says:

    Hey guys

    I can’t tell you my real name, but i can tell you that i am happy that you like my books so much


    • emma says:

      is your name rapheal simon or jon scieszka?????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Olivia says:

      I wish that you would come to my school…. you are my favorite author of all time and I don’t think that anyone in the world can beat your writing!!! Love your work!!

      • Natty says:

        I think that his name is David Bosch. And I wish that he would come to my school to! It would be so cool…Has any one actually had him visit your school? I think that there’s been about three visits to schools from him.

    • Eva says:

      Your Real name’s Raphael Simon!_! Google it! His name’s 5 selections down! “WikiAnswers-Who is Raphael Simon?

    • Natty says:

      Could you tell us about further books, please? Like when you expect more to come out, and any other books that you’ve written?

      • Nyakio says:

        I know! The 4th one came out on september the 21st and the 5th is coming out some time in 2011. But that’s gonna be the last one because each one is based on your senses AND THERE ARE ONLY 5 SENSES!!! 😦

    • cass says:

      hey my name is cass!!

      i would really like to know your name please.

      p.s i am a friend of mays

  7. Sue Laycock says:

    When is the fourth book coming out? When is your name coming out? There’s been quite a few rumors about you…like Pietro…Jon…

  8. Sue says:

    Edie Bilman

  9. unknown says:

    I know your real name. It is Jon

  10. Sue says:

    Is your real name Edie Bilman? Do you know when the fourth book is coming out?

    • emma says:

      hello i want to know when the 4th book is coming out too and his name is not edie bilman

    • saphira.bubba says:

      do you know who edie bilman is? like what is her job? oh, and i know pseudonymous bosch isn’t edie bilman. he IS a man. and the fourth book should be coming out like around september or october. i think it’s called This Isn’t What It Looks Like.

      • Natty says:

        What? Cool! I didn’t think that there would be a fourth book. You know in book number #1 and #2, he raves about how endings are horrible, and yet, there’s always a book after that, so it’s not really a ending (unlike the last Harry Potter book), but in the third book, he doesn’t talk about endings.

  11. Jenet says:

    Raphael Simon? Is that you’re real name? Is there going to be a fourth book? Why wont you say you’re real name? Not knowing you’re name is is only going to make everyone even more curious. You are by the way my favorite writer!


  12. CSI olivia says:

    I want to know your name too… You are my favorite writer of all time. I am addicted to your books. Anyway i wanted to know when your 4th book comes out.. I NEED IT. I want to know what Cass sees in her past when she eats that chocolate. plz i need it as i said before

    • Natty says:

      Do you really want to know the Secret? I would rather never know the secret as long as I could keep reading newer and newer books!

  13. maira says:

    I belove books and in school i have to tell a bit about my fav. author and i searched the whole net and there’s nothing… sad

  14. Abby Smith says:

    I know your real name. It`s Jimmy. I found it in a riddle.

  15. Uchiha Kimiko says:

    Are you really Raphael Simon or Daniel Handler? Also, do you ever go book signing? I really like your books and I’m hoping you’re going to write a fourth book and have a book signing.

    • Nyakio says:

      His name is Raphael simon
      He’s been to a couple schools (lucky rascels)
      and the 4th book came out on the 21st
      and there is gonna be a 5th next year but It might be the last since each is based on a sense and there are only 5 senses 😦

  16. jack28 says:

    pseudonymous bosch is the best author ever!
    his books are the greatest!

  17. iforgotmyname says:

    raphael simon. google it.

  18. secret says:

    hey guys i love p.boschs 3 books there are a few rumors of his name and none of them are true could you honestly belive jon what ever of raphel something could be his name and if you havent noticed a pattern look at 1 this the name of this book is secret duh its about smells and the symphony of smells 2 if your reading this its too late hellooo sound prism that what its about sound 3 this book is not could for you taseing chocolate the are 2 more books the 4th one being this isnt what it LOOKS like its all about looks and the 5th one (im not sure of the name) will be about taste

  19. Olivia says:

    Mann I wish he would come to my school… What was he like????

  20. lolo says:

    omg i love your books i just finished the 3rd one on 2/8/10 whens your 4th book coming out oh and can u come to rail ranch cause i sooooooooooooooo want to meet u ur my all time fave!!!

  21. qwertyman says:


  22. Natty says:

    Liv? Is that you and Em? Cool. I don’t think that there’s going to be a fourth book. I also relate to Lemony Snicket. The fact that Lemony Snicket covers his face with books or something, makes it all the more tantilizing. I don’t know who’s books I prefer, but I can say that Lemony and Pseudonymous are not the same person.

  23. Natty says:

    I also know that almost every single rumor was created by the author himself. If you want to blame people, point fingers at him! If you look at previous sites, (there are his blog, his old website, his new website, one created by fans, and this one), one of his old ones states that one you spin the wheel, it gives you an identity. But Gilbert Ford has to know who he is. If you want the truth, give him a shout.

  24. Emma J says:

    Pseudonymous you are HEINRICH HOFFMAN!!!!!

  25. Natty says:

    Has anyone had Mr. Bosch come to your school? Does anyone know if the 4th book will come out in September or so? Did you know that almost every rumor was created by Mr. Bosch and/or his co-workers? By the way, Gilbert Ford knows him.

  26. stevi says:

    you making a fourth book!??!?!?! i love your books! i know that i am not the first to say that(obviously) but seriously! You are an awesome writer! did you get all A’s in your school writing class? So, ya when is this 4th book going to come out? i can’t wait!

  27. Gabriela says:

    OMG he wrote the stinky cheese story it all makes sense now

  28. Gabriela says:

    you know because he likes cheese

  29. Jessie says:

    I love P.B.’s books. I can not wait for the fourth one to come out. I think his books and Lemony Snicket’s are quite alike, but I know that lemony didn’t write the Secret series. I need that fourth book and i need P.B.’s name!

  30. Estelle Kunoff Epstein says:

    P.B- its me, Merav the person you emailed. I NEED THE COVER ART FOR THIS ISN’T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! oh, and also, do you watch GLEE? BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!

  31. Name says:

    Search up Pseudonymous Bosch (Raphel Simon) and go onto his website. You will find a link there to take you to the name of this blog is secret. On this website there is a picture of the cover of this isn’t what it looks like. It is coming out in September.

  32. spencer says:

    OMG hes gonna have like 5 books he has a fourth coming out september 21 i believe! HEy p bosch if your reading this please try to make them into a movIE!

  33. dominick says:

    i need to know when his 5 book comes out… i know that its based on touch but so someone please tell me

    • Maddie says:

      The 5th P. Bosch book will be oming out october 1st 2011 at 10am. Rumors say the book will be called ‘This Book Is Not Yet Named’
      Hope this is useful

  34. Natty says:

    He has a “Time bomb” for his 5th book. It says (today) “267” days until it comes out. So maybe September 30th, 2011?

  35. cosmopixie says:

    luv bosch books. he should totally make a movie out of them. love his writing. can’t wait till the 5th book!

  36. shanna says:

    I cant wait for the next book to come out I loved the books so much I read all of the books in under 3 weeks and I didnt even now he had a name!It would be so Kool for him to come to my school! and any one who read all of the books I would recomend you read harry potter!

  37. Sophia, the chocolate lover and loves pb's books says:

    Dear Pb,
    This may seem like a very quiet letter, but think not. I NEED YOUR NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT LEAST COME TO MY SCHOOL, please. Pretty please. Excuse me. Pretty Pretty please with all sorts of chocolate on it ( My mouth is watering just thinking about that) NO ONE CAN BEAT THAT, HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( SEE, I TOLD YOU THIS WOULDN’T BE NICE AND SWEET, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

  38. Sophia, the chocolate lover and loves pb's books says:

    Oh and pb,

  39. olivia h says:

    Wish the pics weren’t edited. also if they are protecting his identity why would they reveal his name??????

  40. ??????? says:

    his real name is rapheal simon, he is older then 40 and he used to work with some cartoon on tv. i found all this in one night.

  41. qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm says:

    His name is Raphael Simon, you can just look it up on Google…

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