Phillies, Chabon, and a Music Video

How ’bout those Phillies? I know, I know, I live in Utah. But as a born-and-raised East Coaster (who still talks too fast for the West) you can bet I was all over this World Series. And let me tell you, that was the best 3 innings of baseball EVER. Plus watching Ryan Howard tackle Brad Lidge and Carlos Ruiz was priceless.

Which brings me to how this all relates to books. There are plenty of authors out there who celebrate baseball in all its glory, but no one does it quite like Michael Chabon. Then again, who does anything quite like him? If you haven’t already read Summerland, there’s no time like the present! Baseball, fantasy, folklore, epic struggles, epic games — America’s favorite pasttime in all its wild glory.

And, finally, a secondary TEH AWESOME (thanks to bookshelves of doom):

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