Presidential Reading Roundup

There are, of course, many books on soon-to-be-Mr.-President Barack Obama; here are some of the ones that we’ve carried, sold, and enjoyed this campaign season.

On the Office & the Nation: Memo to the President-Elect, Madeleine Albright; End of America and Give Me Liberty, Naomi Wolf; The Next American Century, Nina Hachigian

By the President-Elect: Dreams from My Father; Audacity of Hope

You Know, For Kids: Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope, Nikki Grimes; Barack, Jonah Winter,

The Campaign (Visual): The American Journey of Barack Obama, Life Magazine; Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs, Deborah Willis

The Campaign (Textual): Change We Can Believe In, Obama for America; Obamanomics, John Talbott; Obama’s Challenge, Robert Kuttner

The VPE: Promises to Keep, Joe Biden

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