Looking Forward, Looking Back

It’s December 1 — can that really be right? With the holiday craziness in full swing and New Year’s right around the corner, December is the month that (on the few days I’m not working the floor) I take stock of the past 11 months and start planning for the next 12. And the next 12 are, by all indications, going to be amazing!

We’ve already secured exciting authors, both renowned and new, for events in the coming year:

and a couple more that are still in the works, so I really can’t announce anything yet, but keep your fingers crossed!

And, of course, in the next two days we’ve got a bevvy of great local authors in the store signing:

I went back into my records and poked around for a while, and realized that we had 80 authors from January to November 2008 — not counting December or authorless events. 80 authors! I’d like to say something pithy here, but I’m still kind of reeling from that discovery. I can’t even begin to assemble a highlights reel for you. Maybe later this week I will come out of it and have something interesting to say, but, for now, the resounding word is “wow.”

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