Where to Put All the Books?

I had a major dilemma this summer: How do I house ALL of Mina’s books so that they are contained, and easily accessable? I searched and searched the internet and looked at bookcases and shelves, and finally came to the conclusion that the canvas sling bookcases are really the best bet for right now. I purchased mine at www.onestepahead.com, and they are well worth the money; I’m actually thinking about buying another one!

I like that it is easy for Mina to put her books away and easy for her to find one to read. I looked at a few of these bookcases and found the ones at One Step Ahead to be better becuase it had two drawers on the bottom. These serve as the board book and flash card drawers. You can fit a TON of books into this thing, and you can also get the canvas sling section personalized with anything you want (up to 12 letters, anyway). If I had thought this idea through one step further, I would have orderd two: one that was personalized “English” and one that said “Turkish.” That way, each language could have its own bookshelf!

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