Deck the Walls

If you’ve been in the store lately, then you already know that the holiday craziness is in full swing. Despite the suffering economy, the rough weather, and the temptations to go elsewhere, you are coming in and buying books, to deck your walls and fill your stockings.

Because of you, everything from Fist Bump Heard ‘Round the World to Edgar Sawtelle to Millie in the Snow is flying off our shelves. Our wrappers are retiring each day covered in tape and ribbon with slightly numb fingers. Our computers take a deep breath and put their feet up at closing time (metaphorically, but still). And most of all, our staff are reminded of just how fabulous our customers are.

You are neighbors, friends, relatives. You tell us what an effort you are making to shop locally. You come in smiling, despite the myriad of reasons not to, and you make our days brighter. You are the reason we’ve been here for over 30 years, and this year you are helping make sure we’ll be here for 30 more.

From all the booksellers here at TKE, thank you! We hope that you have as great a holiday season as you’ve given us.

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