My Invented Meme

I kind of stole this from my bloggy hero and adapted for books. It was a ton of fun poking around in the lists of books that came up with each word — I definitely discovered some new ones and was reminded of old favorites, all pretty randomly. So, if you’re reading this, TAG! Also, if there are any other fun book memes out there, pass ’em along.

01. Answer each of the questions below using the LibraryThing search engine.
02. Choose a book cover from the first 10 books.
03. Copy the URL of your favorite photos [here].
04. Then share with the world.

meme_mosaic101. First Name: Jennifer
02. Favorite Food: bread
03. Hometown: New Jersey
04. Favorite Color: green
05. Literary Crush: Salman Rushdie
06. Favorite Drink: eggnog
07. Dream Holiday: any tropical island
08. Favorite Dessert: mochi
09. What I Want To Be When I Grow Up: superhero with book-related powers — just imagine the possibilities!
10. One Word That Describes Me: striving

One Response to My Invented Meme

  1. Kim says:

    Very fun meme. It was so nice to meet you the other night. I’m glad to now know about your blog. I will definitely need to get up there to some of your author and book events.

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