What’s in Mina’s Book Bag?

I took Mina to Gunter Van Hagen’s Bodyworlds exhibit in the beginning of December and had no idea how much of an impact it would make on such a little one. People looked at me like I was crazy bringing Mina in there, but she absolutely LOVED it! She walked around each figure and told me what she saw, and we had to buy See Inside Your Body as well as the exhibit catalog. Both grace our table at mealtimes as we go through the different internal organs and body parts, functions, etc.

She loves to look at the exhibit catalog and compare it with the drawings in the children’s book. “This is a heart, and that is a heart! They are the SAME!” She will look at the children’s book at, let’s say, the kidneys, and then want to look at the same thing in the exhibit catalog.

As you might imagine, she now has a pretty good understanding of the skeleton, the lungs, heart, the brain and how you poop.

I had my annual hip checkup a few weeks ago. As we were driving, I was explaining to Mina that the doctor needed to take a picture of the inside of my hip. “Of mama’s skeleton, like the dinosaurs,” was Mina’s response. I was so surprised that she immediately drew a correlation from the book to the description of an x-ray!

She was very excited to see the X-Ray of my hip and told everyone about my skeleton for days later.

When the doctor came in, she got down off her chair, look up at my doctor and asked “Dr. Suess, do you have a wocket in your pocket?”

I nearly fell off the exam table because I was laughing so hard. He took it in stride and said that he left the wocket at home that day. The answer satisfied Mina. She sat back down to re-examine my x-rays again.

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