What’s in Mina’s Book Bag?

1 book, 2 books, 3 books , 4! How many books can we fit through the door?

Counting has become very big in this house that last few weeks and highlights many of the books that we read each day. I didn’t realize how many counting type books we had until we started on this theme!

Last year, we started the counting collection with Counting Colors, a big board book. I brought it over to Turkey on our vacation because I thought it crossed the language barrier and that it could be read in either language and still make sense. It is a great book because we learn colors, counting, and we hone our skills at finding all different pictures.

We progressed to Chirstopher Counting in august. It is all about a little rabbit who loves to count and counts everything he sees. It really makes counting fun and that you can count anything, except maybe the stars in the sky!

Mina fell in love with Dr. Seuss’s Ten Apples Up On Top at Christmas time and has it just about memorized at this point. How the animals can balance so many apples up on their head and run down the lane is beyond me! The book is a contest, more or less, between three animals (lion, tiger and dog) to see who can get the most apples up on top of their heads without letting them fall.

At the moment, she is sitting in the recliner, next to bunny, and reading Ten Apples on top as the bunny “eats” her sunflower seeds.

Today’s favorite book at TKE was Ten Red Apples. It is a reprint of an older version, 1968, I believe. I just love the bright colors and graphic images that the old books used to have. This book is about an a farmer and his apple tree. All the animals on his farm, come one by one  and eat his apples! This book counts down the number from 10-1. It is a nice contrast to the others which usually count up.

We also take the counting theme into our Turkish books and read 1001 Hayvan Bulun (1001 Animals to Spot). Each page is a different animal environment and you need to find a certain number of animals hidden in each scene.

We try to balance our stories between Turkish and English and can’t wait to go to the bookstores in Turkey this summer to pick up some more!

One Response to What’s in Mina’s Book Bag?

  1. elaine says:

    You keep sending these. . .I can go buy them for my little ggkids. Love it!!!!

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