If you don’t already get InkLinks, our e-newsletter, then you are missing out — we’ve introduced a new feature, Author Exclusives, starting this month with Daily Coyote author and blogger Shreve Stockton!

Some of you will already be familiar with the cast of Daily Coyote from the popular website of the same name. For those of us meeting them for the first time, there couldn’t be a better introduction. City girl Shreve Stockton, on her way across the country by Vespa, falls in love with Wyoming and, against all advice, moves there as soon as she can. As if small-town life wasn’t a big enough change, she soon finds herself adopting a ten-day old orphaned coyote pup. Charlie, as he is christened, is both a constant joy and a constant challenge. Stockton chronicles the development of their relationship, plus that of Charlie and her cat Eli, during their first year together with insight, wonder, a hefty dash of humor, and her lovely photography interspersed throughout. This one will keep pet and nature lovers alike spellbound, then send them racing to their computers for more. For Daily Coyote regulars, this is the perfect way to learn the full story behind the pictures and stories online.

We’ll be posting our exclusive (did I mention it was exclusive?) interview with Shreve in installments here on the blog, but if you want first look at the whole shebang, join our mailing list!

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