March Staff Favs

Heller introduces us to the Litvinoff family at a crisis point in The Believers. Joel, the head of the family, suffers a stroke at the start of an important trial in a New York courtroom. His wife Audrey calls her son and two daughters to his bedside. In between battling with the doctors over her husband’s medical care and wrestling with her conscience over keeping him alive, Audrey learns that Joel had a mistress. She was tolerant of his many affairs, but this mistress had a son who Joel has secretly been supporting. Her family has its own troubles: Lenny, the recovering drug addict, may have fallen off the wagon again; barren Karla, a dieting social worker, has a husband so desperate to foist an adoption on her that he’s pushing her towards another man; and, finally, Rosa, a radical atheist working with disadvantaged African American kids who feels a pull a pull towards her Jewish roots, begins to explore her denied faith. A complex study of nature-over-nurture in post-9/11 New York. – Paula Longhurst

When readers met Henry in 100 Cupboards, we were introduced to a whole new world. In Dandelion Fire, Henry decides he has to go into the cupboard world to find out who is parents really are. Surprises are plentiful in Wilson’s fantastic world, down to Henry’s own source of power. Henry has to blend his own abilities into his new reality, and hopefully help save the world behind the 100 cupboards. Highly imaginative, clever writing, and surprising twists, make this is one of the best sequels I have read in a long time. – Margaret Brennan Neville

This book made me late for work every morning for a week–I just couldn’t resist picking it back up during breakfast. Reading Happens Every Day is like sitting down for a long cup of tea with a good friend you haven’t seen in a while. Gillies is frank, funny, and a great storyteller. Her story of love and loss is achingly true, fundamentally hopeful, and absolutely engaging. – Jenn Northington

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