Interview pt. 3 | Shreve Stockton

This is Installment 3 of 3 of our exclusive interview with Shreve Stockton, Daily Coyote author and blogger. Read Installment 1 here and Installment 2 here.

JN: What is your favorite thing about Charlie? Least favorite?

SS: Charlie makes life light. He constantly makes me laugh, and prides himself in putting on little shows for me to make me laugh out loud. It blows me away how much fun he and I have together, and the nature of our connection.

On the flip side, I’ve said that having Charlie is like having a toddler and a teenager in one. He requires so much supervision! I have had to baby-proof my home as he can open cupboards, the fridge, and likes to jump on window-sills. And he can be as moody as a teenager, often testing boundaries just to test them. I have to be “on” at all times. Which is great, but it can be exhausting!

JN: Daily Coyote was published in December of 2008. How has the book changed life for you and Charlie (and Eli and Chloe)?

SS: Life immediately around the publication date was rather chaotic and stressful, with publicity and interviews which are so outside my comfort zone! But since then, I’ve been able to get back into the life I had before the popularity of the blog and the book. I rarely read anything that’s written about me online, and though I do treat the website and the book promotion as a job, I have other jobs too that I give an equal, if not greater, focus to: caring for Charlie and the my other animals, feeding the cows, and the basic life-stuff of chopping wood, readying a garden, and working on the land.

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