Because Kids Need Books

Redirect Community and yours truly, the booksellers at TKE, bring you the 2nd Annual Ides of March Madness Charity Book Reading Tournament!

Because books are just as exciting as basketball teams (IMO, more exciting, actually) works of fiction are matched against one another and read by a “judge” (TKE booksellers, local authors, community leaders, and possibly random people pulled off the streets), who then advances one “winning” title from the match.

Our beneficiary is Book Wagon, a non-profit organization run through the Housing Authority of Salt Lake County, which delivers donated books to children who otherwise might have no opportunity to own books of their own. Book Wagon depends entirely on monetary and in-kind contributions to support its mission. How can you support them? Pick a winner and bet the farm!

Individuals and organizations interested in following the tournament and donating to Book Wagon are encouraged to “wager” a donation by choosing one book as the tournament winner. If your book pick is eliminated in an early round, you can always pick another favorite and place another bet!

Betting is now open, and donations/wagers can be placed in person at TKE or online at All participants who meet the minimum wagering requirement of $20 will be eligible for prizes, which include all manner of literary swag.

The 16 “contestants” are

Results from the first round will go up soon, so head on over to, look over the list, and let the games begin!

On a side note, we would be remiss if we didn’t thank our inspiration, The Morning News‘s Tournament of Books.

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