Staff Fiction Favs for April

Bridget Jones meets the Debut Novelist in The Glamorous (Double) Life of Isabel Bookbinder, by Holly McQueen, with hilarious results. Isabel Bookbinder has (or will have as soon as she’s done with her Creative Visualization) everything a debut novelist needs to make it — a Look, connections with top literary agents, and now the perfect job as assistant to the blockbusting kids’ author Katriona de Montfort. All that’s left is to write the book — or so she thinks. But dark plots are afoot to steal her as-yet-unwritten-but-already-sold debut, possibly involving MI5 and a Slovenian housekeeper, and Isabel will need all the help she can get. This is a giggler with a great plot, the perfect weekend read. – Jenn Northington, Atria Books, $24.95

Set in the Sacramento delta town of Locke, California in the late 1920’s, Water Ghosts elegantly reveals the fine line between reality and illusion. When three Chinese women, seeming survivors of a boatwreck,
appear out of the mists, the Chinese and American inhabitants of Locke are captivated. When one turns out to be the wife of a prominent businessman in town, the wife he left behind in China, Ryan delights the reader with the unexpected responses of her husband and the other women in his life. The prose is elegant, the characters compelling, and the supernatural events enhance the story. In the end, the reader is left wondering in a pleasant, dreamy way, what was truth and what was mysticism. – Jenny Lyons, Penguin, $22.95

It’s early 1950s in rural Britain and Flavia de Luce in on the loose! When she takes it upon herself to free her father from jail where he’s being held on suspicion of murder, the youngest daughter of the Colonel of Buckshaw unleashes her formidable detective skills upon the hamlet of Bishop’s Lacey. Did we mention she’s twelve year’s old? And a brilliant chemist with a penchant for poison? The first in a new series from debut author Alan Bradley, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie is a smart and delightful mystery. What will Flavia think of next? – Anne Holman, Delacorte, $23

2 Responses to Staff Fiction Favs for April

  1. Megan says:

    I’m excited to see Water Ghosts on your April favorites list. I had the privledge of seeing the author speak at a recent conference and have been itching for the book to be published so I could buy it. I’d be right in to buy the book from King’s English, but I’m not within driving distance of SLC!

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