Margaret’s April Picks

Swim the Fly, Don Calame
Summer has started and 15-year-olds Matt, Sean and Coop have one goal – see a naked girl. Lofty goal especially when you find that they have not had one date between the three of them. Challenges on their dysfunctional swim team add another storyline. This laugh out loud book is full of potty talk, teenage angst, bad behavior and smelly “stuff.” Calame is obviously enjoying a trip through his own youth and we are lucky to be reliving it with him. Very funny book! (14 and up) – Margaret Brennan Neville, Candlewick, $16.99

Columbine, Dave Cullen
Cullen has been following the tragedy at Columbine since the day it happened. He recounts the movements of the killers on that grisly day, and then digs deep into the stories of all the people involved. Mis-reporting, myths and gossip drove the story for a very long time, and some of that still lives in the world, but Cullen very carefully peels all of that away and leaves the reader with a very clear and disturbing picture. His reporting will change the way we look at and deal with these kinds of terrible events, and maybe even prevent a future catastrophe. – Margaret Brennan Neville, Hachette, $26.99

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