Author Update | Ann Dee Ellis

Ann Dee Ellis will present Everything Is Fine. at TKE on April 28.

There’s something in the water here in UT, something that inspires local writers to produce all manner of wonderful books — many of them for children, young readers, and teens. Ann Dee Ellis is no exception, tackling real world issues with a signature style.

Her first YA book, This Is What I Did, is an honest and excruciating account of bullying and abuse. Don’t be put off by the subject matter — this one is a must-read for not only teens, but teachers and parents. Hard to read, but ultimately hopeful and beautifully handled.

Enter her newest, Everything Is Fine. Ellis carries her choppy, intimate first-person style over into this new book but deals with a whole new set of issues. As if adolescence isn’t hard enough, Mazzy’s father has abandoned her and her clinically depressed mother. Mazzy struggles not only with her family’s problems, but with issues of self-confidence, identity, and the not-so-secret secrets of people’s personal lives.

I can personally guarantee that hearing Ellis read is an experience not to be missed. Come help us celebrate a local talent and a great new read!

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