Margaret’s Teen Picks

The Stolen One, Suzanne Crowley

Kat is trying to figure out who she is, and at the first opportunity flees her back-country village and goes to Elizabethan London. Because she bears a striking resemblance to Queen Elizabeth, rumors abound, and Kat quickly gets mixed up in all the intrigues of the court. Her struggles are compounded by love in this spicy, colorful read. – Harper, $16.99 (14 and up)

Swim the Fly, Don Calame

Summer has started and 15-year-olds Matt, Sean and Coop have one goal–to see a naked girl. This is a lofty goal especially since they have not had one date between them. Challenges on their dysfunctional swim team add another storyline in this laugh-out-loud book full of potty talk, teenage angst, bad behavior and smelly “stuff.” Calame is obviously enjoying a trip through his own youth and we are lucky to be reliving it with him! – Candlewick, $16.99 (14 and up) 

~Margaret Brennan Neville

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